Birth is one of the most incredible mysteries of life, and having the right support can help make the birth experience a joyful and empowering experience for the mother, the baby and the family.

I’m on the road and unable to offer doula support at this time, however I’m still so happy to be contributing to better maternity care and birthing experiences for women, babies and families through my ongoing role as Founder and Board Director of non-profit organisation Birth for Humankind.


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Birth For HumanKIND – Free Birth Support for Women in Need

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Birth for HumanKIND is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation of volunteer doulas who provide quality support, education, and care for women in vulnerable, at-risk or otherwise disadvantaged circumstances during pregnancy, birth and after the baby comes.

In particular, we work with at-risk young women, and women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who do not have adequate support or knowledge of the Australian maternal health system. Informed decisions, loving care and continuous support can help to reduce birth complications and support more positive birth outcomes for mothers and babies.

Our professional volunteer doulas offer birth education, prenatal home visits, labour support and help at home after the baby comes. By “mothering the mother”, they play an important role in supporting women, their children and their families.

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