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In September last year, I happened by accident across a movement/awareness practice called Continuum Movement. What happened in that first workshop – a fascination based in deep experience yet no real ‘idea’ of what it’s really all about – somehow got me all the way over to the US to study with Emilie Conrad, the almost-octagenarian founder of Continuum. I have just finished my second week-long Continuum retreat with Emilie and co-teacher Susan Harper, here in the US, and what I have discovered is a fascinating, rich and nourishing mode of self-enquiry into the body, into awareness, and into our connection with life and the cosmos itself…

Through breath, sounds (mostly very odd ones), intentional slow movement, and following sensation and impulse to movement in an ‘open attention’ that is similar to an open meditative state of awareness, I have found extremely easeful access to states of awareness, connectedness and body opening and nourishment that are often even difficult to achieve through extended meditation and yoga practice… so the fascination grows.

Part of the idea and practice of Continuum is that is brings us into ‘fluid resonance’ – it helps us to access the fluid nature and wave motion of body and tissue (we are after all 70% water), and brings us into resonance with the entire fluid nature of life and the cosmos. It is something that I have experienced as the intelligence of the body, the intelligence of life that simply moves through the body when it is allowed to flow… It is a practice that is at once a physical practice, a practice in deep awareness and attention, and a spiritual practice of inquiry and connection.

I am excited about how this practice will continue to unfold within my own being, and how I can bring some of these personal experiences even deeper into my teaching and sharing of yoga – union of body, awareness, breath, spirit.

If your curiosity has been piqued, have a look at the Continuum Movement website. And of course please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in hearing more from me about my experience with this deep practice of movement and inquiry.

With love,
Mei Lai

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