“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Some of us want to do something to make ourselves feel better. We want to be fitter, stronger, happier, more successful, more vibrant, more alive. Absolutely, yes please.

Some of us want to do something to make the world a better place. We want to help others, create peace, share love, make beauty, create social change and justice. This is the path of compassion, of purpose, of connection.

Now sometimes we do one, and forget about the other. There are many who improve their own circumstances at the expense of others, or who don’t give a second thought to those less fortunate. And there are those who do ‘good’ to simply to prove themselves, or who are martyrs who forget to nourish themselves and end up burnt out and sick.

Image courtesy of Africa Yoga Project

Image courtesy of Africa Yoga Project

But ultimately we are both an individual who deserves happiness, health, and abundance, and part of a collective being (Humanity-Earth), which when it is cared for, harmonious, and thrives, gives back to each and every one of us.

Through being involved in both yoga and social/environmental change for over 15 years, I’ve discovered that yoga is a path that ultimately leads to both – in a deeply authentic way.

Even if you start on the path of yoga purely to make yourself feel better, soon enough, the benefits should start to awaken you to the impulse to connect and serve life – for the benefit of all beings, yourself included.

But for this, your practice needs to be committed and authentic, your understanding needs to be clear and intelligent, and of course it helps to find guidance, inspiration, and support on the path!

So I combined my passions into a 4-week workshop series called Light The Spark! The idea is to help you deepen and commit to your own purposeful yoga practice, understand the connection between personal practice and ‘service’ (seva) for the world, receive guidance and inspiration, and connect authentically with others who are on the path.

We do this through meditation, asana, philosophy, creative and intuitive practices, and group discussion. And you’ll also be supported to develop a daily practice. It is a practice for personal transformation, and a practice for social transformation. It’s for both for already committed or aspiring yogis, and also for ‘changemakers’ who are curious but might not have started on the inner journey yet.

If this sounds like something for you, please get in touch! Round two of the workshop is starting this coming Saturday 3rd May at Gertrude Street Yoga Studio, 1.30-4.30pm, and it would be wonderful to have you there for the journey!

In love, service, and gratitude,
Mei Lai xo

Light The Spark Flyer May 2014

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