Inspirations and love from Bali…

Dear friends,

Greetings from beautiful Bali!

Purnati Embodied Flow training

…where I am in the second week of a month-long intensive Embodied Flow™ yoga training with my incredible teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. While intensives often conjure up the image of physical and mental exhaustion, and whilst our days are certainly long and full, the work is so rich, so deep, so authentic and so playful, that each day is a pure joy. Each morning starts with contemplation, journalling, meditation, and an asana practice exploring different systems/tissues of the body-mind – we dive into the felt sense of the organs, the glands, the bones, the cells, and allow movement and the poses to be guided by that felt sense. It is a practice that is at once exciting, challenging, confounding, and revelatory. The mid-morning and afternoon sessions of this ‘Mind’ module are spent exploring somatic psychology – individually, in pairs, small groups, and the larger group. We have been delving into embryology, developmental and childhood patterns, the role and nature of ‘stories’ or narrative, understanding and working with emotions from a somatic perspective, and so much more… needless to say, I am as happy as a pig in mud!

Embodied Flow™ is an approach to yoga developed collaboratively by Tara and Scott, through their personal journeys and extensive experiences with yoga, tantric philosophy and practices of awakening, Body-Mind Centering, somatic psychology, and a wide array of other spiritual and therapeutic practices. First and foremost, it is an approach to the art of genuine, authentic self-inquiry – which is really the essence of Yoga. It invites us into the rich landscape of ‘unknowing’, unites scientific and spiritual inquiry, and offers a direct path into some of the most esoteric practices and philosophies of true tantra, which offers a non-dual understanding of life and consciousness.

Lotuses PurnatiWe start here, at the highest teaching of the Shiva Sutras: “Caitanyam atma” – the independent state of supreme consciousness is the nature of everything… and then we dive in deep.

Asana is there, to be sure, but it takes its rightful place as one amongst the myriad of practices that are available to us in the path of awakening – yet it also flowers through the expansion of rich somatic explorations, or what might be called “embodied anatomy”. The ultimate aim is the knowing of self, of awakening, and of true freedom.

And I am so excited to be exploring and sharing these teachings with you: I will be dipping back into Melbourne briefly in June, and offering a 5-hour Embodied Flow™ workshop at Gertrude Street Yoga on Sunday June 21st (yes, a winter solstice special!). If your curiosity has been ignited, I’d be thrilled to have you come and play, explore, and discover together…

Please visit here for full workshop details.

In the meantime, wishing you warmth, joy, and blissful discoveries in your yoga journey.

With love,
Mei Lai xo

Compassion in Action: special events for Nepal tomorrow in Melbourne

As fierce as the earthquake in Nepal has been, it is so heartening to see the plethora of appeals and events in our community, on Facebook, and around the world to support the survivors and the rebuilding after the devastation. And it’s so important that we all contribute our small piece into this global community – financial contributions, prayers, love, and action.

I’d like to invite you to two very special events tomorrow evening in Melbourne:

FRIDAY 8th May

1. YOGA CLASS by donation at Gertrude Street Studio – Compassion and Connection in Action

I am offering my 5.30-7pm Embodied Class by donation (suggested $10 minimum) to contribute to the work of The Global Women’s Project directly in Nepal. Gertrude Street Yoga have generously offered to match all donations. It will be a very special class on compassion and connection.

GWP Director, Briony Mackenzie, now living and working in Nepal, was a dedicated student of mine at Gertrude Street, and has since become a dear and inspiring friend. As a volunteer run organisation, 100% of donations go directly to supporting vulnerable women and families affected by the earthquake.

2. Kirtan and Peace Meditation Fundraiser for Nepal

with Sun Hyland, Mel Dobra & Chakradyan

I will be playing violin and singing with Sun Hyland for this special event.

The Art2Healing Project and The Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Presents a Soulful Evening of Kirtan and Peace Meditation to raise funds for the marginilized communities affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Starts 7.30pm at The Ashtanga Yoga Centre, Argyle St, Fitzroy.
I recommend booking your tix online here as it is likely to sell out!


As many of you already know, on 16 May I’m heading off for 4 months of yoga training, teaching, and adventures… BUT, I will be teaching a very special EMBODIED FLOW WEEKEND WORKSHOP on 20-21 June at Gertrude Street Yoga Studio (I’m coming back for a sneaky week), and of course I would love for you to join me at one of my retreats in Bali in September…


with love,

Mei Lai xo