The Greatest Gift

It’s not just that it’s the end of the year. But it’s come to the end of an era, of sorts.nature-forest-sun

I’m leaving Melbourne and hitting the road. It’s been a long time coming, but it suddenly came round sooner than expected. Life has a way of doing that, and I’m getting better at going with the flow. There are less bumps that way.

It’s a sweet flow that will first be taking me to Bali, the Philippines, Sweden, France, Nepal and back to Bali… and from there, who knows… just how I like it. A good solid adventure, cutting all the ties and flying free, to charge up my practice, my spirit, my devotion, and following the path that takes me closer and closer to love, to purposeful service and to Self. Dharma. I’m in.

So I’ve been wrapping up Melbourne life. And with that comes the end of my teaching public classes in studios where I’ve been sharing my love of yoga for years. What a journey.

It’s also been a turbulent time. Intense periods of change always are. Letting go of relationships, home, work, friends, students… all of it.

And as I walked out of class last night feeling rejuvenated, soft and clear after days and weeks of challenge, I realised again what a gift teaching yoga is. Quite possibly the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

Teaching yoga – guiding other amazing, diverse and unique humans – on a path of connection, self-discovery, and authenticity, is no small task. Let alone doing that whilst getting their bodies to move, align, breathe, explore; find the connection between body and mind, heart and breath, moment to moment; share my own insights and discoveries, and invite them into their own self-autonomy and unique experience…

Perhaps you can see why I love it. It demands all of me. It asks me, every day, to step up, to get clear, to get focused and to be authentic – no matter what is happening around me or inside of me. And it always works. It’s the gift of giving that gives back.

To create and enter a shared field of awareness and insight; to come back to the ocean of consciousness that is breath and body; to see and feel people coming home, getting centred and clear; and to know that to be in my own integrity, I have to offer all of myself, I have to do my own hard work, to cultivate my own love and clarity, to be the living example of what I choose to share. This is the gift.

So thank you. To the practice and path of yoga for demanding your way into my life. For the studios who took me in and offered me a home to share my love. To my fellow teachers who walk this path. And, especially, to every unique and beautiful human who walks into class looking for themselves, for their courage, their love, their humanity.

Greatest blessings and love for the festive seasons, let’s celebrate change, community, and all of the gifts we offer each other, just by being ourselves and doing what we do.