lai la

Hello there!

I’m Mei Lai. Lover, believer, creator, changemaker…

Why am I here?

Because I believe in sharing the things I love and not holding back.

• Yoga. All of it: bend, stretch, breathe, enquire, meditate, transform, get wise, strong, loving and free
• Writing
• Music
• Community
• Empowered Birth
• Seva: the art of selfless service
• Receiving love and beauty and goodness, and giving it back.

What moves me and motivates me and shakes me?

Love. Purpose. Passion. Creativity. Authenticity. Kindness. Life. And Love.

All the things that make you fly.

Why are you here?

Because you know there is more… more beauty, more connection, more wisdom, more inspiration, more love. All of the things that money can’t buy.

Because you know we are one and the same… one people, one tribe, one family, one planet, one soul in so many colours.

And because you are curious and hungry… to connect, to give, to live, to thrive, to love, to create beauty, peace, and your own kind of magic.

So welcome to my world – and yours. The one we create together.

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