Sound has been used for millennia in yoga and many other traditions as one of the most powerful tools for quieting the mind, accessing deeper states of consciousness, insight and awakening.

Mei Lai offers specialised trainings providing a comprehensive introduction to nada yoga – the power and practices of sound, mantra, voice and bhakti.

These trainings are designed for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and all those curious about the power of sound for wellbeing and awakening.

No prior experience required, and you certainly do not need a ‘good singing voice’ – if you can breathe and speak you can experience the power of sound and your own voice!

See schedule for Yoga of Sound, Voice & Mantra trainings and workshops around the globe.

What you will learn and discover:

• The nature and power of sound and mantra, drawing from yoga philosophy, mystic traditions and science
• An overview and exploration of sound practices from the vedic, tantric, bhakti and nada yoga traditions, to shift and awaken consciousness
• Embodied voice practices to free your voice and discover the mind-body-sound connection
• The connection between sound, silence and meditation
• The meaning and experience of Om
• Sanskrit pronunciation, mantras and chants
• Bhakti yoga and kirtan
• How to begin and/or deepen your own sound and mantra practice
• How to teach and integrate sound and mantra practices
• Supported home-based 40-day mantra sadhana (can be completed at a time that suits you)


“This training is an antidote to living in the 21st century.”

– Dec 2017 participant


“I never realised how powerful sound and mantras are until I joined Mei Lai at her Heart of Yoga Retreat and Nada Yoga training in Bali in June 2017. Mei Lai creates a beautiful space for you to immerse yourself in the yoga of sound through self exploration and discovery. The training strikes a perfect balance between theory and practice, encouraging you to uncover what nada and mantra practice suits you best. My time with Mei Lai enriched my personal yoga practice in a way I never expected. This is an experience not to be missed, get ready to dive into a whole new experience!”


– Angela, June 2017