I started Yoga for Humankind, a yoga school and social enterprise, because I’m unboundedly passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and movement therapies to communities all over the world – especially those who need it most. And I also love the deeply transformative space created in the context of a yoga teacher training. My heart and mind are blown over and over again by the transformation, growth and love that I see in the wholehearted humans who courageously step into these containers. It’s an honour and a privilege to create and share these special containers for transformation and wellbeing.

Yoga for Humankind offers specialised trainings in traditional and contemporary hatha, trauma-informed and community based yoga, with an outstanding international faculty of yoga and community work professionals.

The trainings focus equally on in-depth personal transformation (change begins within), and cultivating the knowledge and tools required to skillfully take yoga out into the world, within and beyond the yoga studio.

We offer a comprehensive 200hr foundational YTT, a 60hr Trauma-Informed & Community Yoga training for yoga facilitators and community & health professionals, and online embodied social change courses and community building programs.

Visit our website www.yogaforhumankind.org for full details about Yoga for Humankind and how you can get involved.